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Developed as a stock-programme spinner right from the start, the standard programme and the special ranges have been much expanded over the past few years. They now include all standard worsted yarns in pure wool and wool mixtures in the range of Nm 20 to Nm 120. A coloured yarn mill has expanded upon the raw white range. Highest priority continues to be the prompt availability of all yarns in the product range. A detailed list of products is available at any time on request. 



Special Characteristics / Applications

Single Yarn

Mainly used for weft.

Two-fold Yarn

Due to very high tenacity often used for warp.

Siro Yarn

Often used instead of a two-fold yarn in warp.
"In-between" of single yarn and twist yarn.

Top-Dyed Yarn

Very good colour evenness and thus reduced colour risks.
Only possibility to produce mélange effects.

Polyester - Wool yarn

Cost effective combination of good characteristics
of wool and polyester such as a very high tenacity.
Often used for technical textiles such as
upholstery in cars.

Polyamid - Wool yarn

Cost effective combination of good characteristics
of wool and
polyamid. Often used for women‘s wear.

Polyester - Wool - Elastan yarn

Cost effective combination of good characteristics
of wool, polyester and elastan such as a very high elongation
Often used for women’s wear.

Viscose - Wool yarn

Cost effective combination of good characteristics of wool and viscose such as high water absorption and very soft touch.
Often used in women’s wear.

Crespino Yarn

Spinning of synthetic fibres with wool. Very high tenacity
with fine structure at the same time.
Often used for technical applications.

Corespun Yarn with Lycra

Increased elongation and tenacity due to elastic filament.

Compact Yarn

Less hairy than conventional spun yarn.
Reduced yarn faults such as thick and thin places.
Very often used to produce a "clean" article combined with increased productivity of the loom.


Merino Attributes:

  • Comfort both in cold and heat
  • Odour resistant
  • Fire safe
  • Soft touch, even next to skin
  • Natural and sustainable life cycle, and rapid biodegradation at end of life.
  • Machine Washable

Merino wool proved to be a highly reliable companion for man even hundreds of years before the introduction of “performance” synthetics toppled wool from the minds of consumers. Despite decades of research, scientists still have not managed to develop a fibre that matches the benefits that nature evolved in Merino fibre. A multi-talented fibre, Merino will keep you comfortable in all seasons adapting to rapidly changing environmental conditions and physical exertion. Today, Südwolle brings you a range of elite yarns of pure Merino wool and Marino blends that combine the traditional benefits of Merino with the advantages of other natural and man-made fibres. All spun with state-of-the-art yarn spinning technologies.